New wheel

Today my new wheel got delivered to the office. It arrived in such a large box that I knew what it was even before anyone said it was for me.

Unpacking that box revealed a wonderful new wheel (Mavic A319) with the Shimano dynamo. Everyone, of course, wanted to know what was so special about the new wheel. The first guess was always that it was a carbon fibre wheel. It isn’t.

Instead I get to produce my own power, which I think is incredibly cool. I’m going to harness that power for my next trip to power my phone and GPS instead of having to find a power plug every night.

The next step to that dream is to create a power converter. There are plans for these all over the internet. They look pretty simple to build, but I don’t actually know how to solder, so a friend at work is going to help me out in building it.

Before I can do that I need to get it home. A few bungee cords should suffice. So I just need to take some in tomorrow and strap it to my bike.

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