Looking for Software People

The preparations for JOGLE continue! For those not in the “know” JOGLE stands for John O’Groats to Land’s End. It is a bike route from the north-easterly most to the south-westerly most points of the island of Great Britain. I’m going to be riding it this year during the second half of July, but I have bigger plans than just riding the route.

I’d like to meet up with others who are involved in software development (testers, developers, managers, etc.) and talk to you about software development. I’d like to see this as a journey of discovery. How many different ways is software being made? How many different people from different backgrounds are making it. Those of you in the software craftsmanship community might like to see this as a journeyman tour (in the real Zimmermann sense).

If you are somewhere along or near the route that I’ve put together, drop me a line and let’s see if we can meet up. I’m open to deviations from the route as long as I don’t have to ride half way across the island to get there. For instance, although it looks like I’m not going to get very close to Glasgow, I would be very open to changing my route to meet up with someone there.

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