Countdown to JOGLE

T-10 Days and Counting

Just a few more days to go, and it looks like everything is starting to fall into place. Last week I bought my tickets to get to John O’Groats, which really drove home exactly how far it is that I’ll be going. I leave from Euston Station at about 9:30pm on the 14th of July. On the 15th I arrive in Inverness and transfer to a train that after almost 5 hours gets me to Wick. Once I arrive in Wick I still need to ride another 20 miles to reach John O’Groats. I’ll be staying overnight at a nearby campground and then set off for the real trip the next day.


I’ve planned out approximately where I’ll end up on each day. To put this together I used the UK Camping and Caravanning Club site to find camp sites along the way. Then Google helped me figure out the approximate distance from one site to the next to help me make sure that I was following a pace of around 70 miles a day. These are all approximate locations of where I’ll be staying each night. As the day draws closer I’ll be deciding exactly where I need to stop.

  • July 15 – Arrive in John O’Groats
  • July 16 – Tongue
  • July 17 – Alness
  • July 18 – Gairlochy
  • July 19 – Oban
  • July 20 – Ballochyle
  • July 21 – Ayr
  • July 22 – Rest in Ayr
  • July 23 – Hoddom Castle
  • July 24 – Kirby Lonsdale
  • July 25 – Newton-le-willows
  • July 26 – Meet TraderMedia
  • July 27 – Meet DWP Universal Credit Project in Warrington (overnight in Hatchmere)
  • July 28 – Bucknell
  • July 29 – Chepstow
  • July 30 – Keynsham
  • July 31 – Yeovil
  • August 1 – Thelbridge Barton
  • August 2 – St. Mabyn
  • August 3 – Land’s End


I’ve been able to put together two meetups so far. The first will be at TraderMedia (the company behind the other will be at the Department of Work and Pensions to see how the Universal Credit project works which is one of the UK government’s agile projects.

I organized the meetup at TraderMedia at the pub after one of Julien Simpson’s (the Build Doctor) London CI meetups. I was talking to this guy (Martin Walton) about my trip and he said that I would be welcome to drop by their offices. So see kids, going out and meeting people can get you places 🙂

The second meetup at the Department of Work and Pensions came about during one of the “Diversions” after a day of the SPA conference. At the seminar that was put together titled “Towards Agile Government” Steve Dover was talking about the work being done by the Universal Credit team to make that project more agile. I got very interested in what they were up to and so sprung the question on him about whether I could drop by their offices during my trip. I still feel a bit bad about asking him in a situation where he really couldn’t say no.

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