Day 2: John O’Groats to Tongue (83 miles?)

The day started with a lot of rain and ended with a lot of rain. The in between part was nice and dry with a lot of really good scenery.

I left John O’Groats at about 9:30, which means that I missed out on getting my name in the register. I suppose this blog will be my personal register that I did it. šŸ™‚ Along the way I made a detour to Dunnet head to see the most northerly point on the island and then quickly turned around and continued on to Tongue.

The first 50 miles of the journey was fairly flat and easy. After that, though, the terrain started to change from coastal lowland to coastal mountains and most of my time was spent climbing. After a while I started cursing the gearing on my bike and wished for a yet lower gear. I think that if I had ridden any slow, I would have just toppled right on over, so not having that lower gear was probably a good thing.

It looks like I might have to add an extra day to my time in the highlands. Not because the scenery is unmissable (although it is) but because the hills are taking a bigger toll than I had hoped. Tomorrow will be the day that determines one way or the other.

Tomorrow I cut straight south from Tongue to Alness. I found a topo map that showed the road and it looks like it might to be too bad of climbing, but I need to be ready to stop early if I have to.

P.S. Looks like I get no record of my journey today since my Garmin has mysteriously decided to forget everything (including all of my settings in it).

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