Day 3: Tongue to Evanton (71 miles)

The day started and ended with rain. This caused me to think that the defining feature of Scotland is rain. Later in the day I met midges. Now I know that midges really are the defining feature.

The day actually turned out really well. I met a few other riders along the way and discovered that an uncle and nephew pair were going the same way as me. We saw eachother at the hostel in Tongue and then later in the day at the Crask Inn. About an hour or two later we both, independently had the same idea of seeking shelter from the rain in a roadside attraction for a cup of coffee.

I discovered that the nephew lives in Germany, in Ingolstadt, and wants to get into software development! Talk about coincidences! He asked about other tours that I have done and we talked a bit about different attitude towards education and software development in England/USA and Germany. After watching the salmon try to get up a waterfall for a bit I joined up with them for the final 10 miles of their day and then continued on for another 15 miles to reach Evanton.

That final 15 miles included the longest climb yet. Not incredibly steep but it last around 3 miles. During that climb is when I notice that if I drop below 7 miles an hour I get a trailing contingent of flies. If I fall below 6 miles per hour they start to swarm around me. Very strong motivation to keep pushing!

I did get this track uploaded to Garmin Connect, but gave up trying to get it made public after wasting several megs of data transfer trying to get it up and open to the world. The site is great for a desktop browser, but is really horrible for a mobile one (very heavy pages and too flashy of display). I might give up trying to get them up for now.

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