Day 6: Inveraray to Hunters Quay (39 miles)

This was a nice, short day that came about because of my inability to remember my planned route, forgetfulness that caused me to leave the printout of the itinerary in Tongue, and then complete lack of any mental faculties such that I spaced on the fact that I had posted that very same itinerary on this very blog. In the end yesterday was longer than planned and today was shorter.

I put the short day to good use by stopping at an inn’s bar to get out of the rain for a while. There I had a great conversation with an older man who turned out to have emigrated from Calgary in the late 60s. I also talked with the bar tender a bit. She came from New Zealand and had only been there for a month and a half by that point. She is in the country on a Working Holiday visa and plans to keep travelling around.

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