Day 7: Hunters Quay to Ayr (54 miles)

The day started out by jumping on a ferry to cross the river. Once on the other side it was a simple matter of following the road to Ayr.

It turned out that the road between Glasgow and Ayris fairly busy. Thankfully there is a Sustrans route that follows the coast and leads to Ayr (and beyond) as well.

Once I reached Ayr I met up with my wife, mom, and aunt, who had just completed walking the Cataran Trail near Perth. We all settled in for a nice day of rest and relaxation.

Ayr turned out to be a nice little coastal resort town. We had some nice walks along the beach and had a bit of extra sleep. We also learned that Ayr is full of some very nice restaraunts and a wonderful whiskey shop.

For the past week I had been climbing up and down large mountains and hills with all of my camping gear. This gear included the tent, sleeping bag, therm-a-rest, cooking pots, gas canisters, and cooker. All of this added quite a bit of weight to the bike and made the climbing all the harder. Since my knees had started to hurt and part of that was due to the amout of weight that I was carrying, I decided to stop camping and leave all of that camping gear with my wife for her to take back to our house. The rest of the trip I’ll be staying at hotels and B&Bs.

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