Day 11: Casterton to Newton-le-Willows (72 miles)

The day took me through some of the most built up areas of England, but st the same time I got to see some very historically significant towns at the same time. The first very historical city was Lancaster of red rose in the war of the roses fame.

After Lancaster I passed through Preston and got swallowed up by the traffic of the Manchester area. Shortly before I reached Wigan a man cycled up next to me and asked where I was going. We got to talking and he decided to help get me through Wigan. As we rode he gave me a bit of a tour of the area and explained some of the areas we passed. We also touched on topics related to the current state of the world. This topic verged into common themes that I’ve become familiar with as a foreigner: problems caused by people who are “different.”

After I got to Newton-le-Willows I got in contact with Stuart Taylor. He came by, picked me up, and he, I, and another developer from Trader Media (Andre) went out for dinner.

We had a great conversation about how we got into software. Stuart had fallen into it a bit by chance when a professor in university pointed out that he had an apptitude for networking. Andre tested well from school and jumped at the chance to get an early place in university. As we continued to talk about it though we all realized that there was as much chance to it as we had initially supposed. Each one of us had from an early age experimented with computers, and looking back on that it seemed suddenly not at all strange why we had all ended up where we are.

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