Day 14: Tarporley to Aymestry (84 miles)

The day started simple enough as I left Tarporley. As it turns out though, after a few miles I realized that I had made a wrong turn and was following the wrong road. Instead of continuing down the A49 I had ended up on the A51. This wasn’t any big problem and I just taking a route a bit to the east of what I had expected.

At around midday I reached Shrewsbury and after seeing the sign stating that it was the birthplace of Charles Darwin, I decided to stay for a little longer than normal.  I followed the signs to the town center and found a nice little cafe to have some lunch. Along the way I saw lots of the Darwin themed things in town, such as the Darwin Shopping Centre that had a neat little awning with stained glass animals on it.

During lunch I got to talking with a couple who was also visiting the town after I had accidentally knocked over the table and broke the sugar cube dish while I was trying to lean my bike against the wall. We got to talking about the ride that I was doing and veered onto various other topics. The woman had done some cycling in Scotland when she was younger on a trip with a friend just after college.

After lunch I continued on my way and decided to start trying to find a place to stay when I reached Leintwardine. The only accommodation that I could find in the town looked like a very posh place and I wasn’t prepared to pay the price that they were asking.  Continuing down the road I stopped at what was advertised on the way into the town as the Compasses Hotel, but the owner said that they don’t have any rooms yet, but they hope to offer some in the near future. How is that for “aspirational” advertising?

In Aymestry I finally found a place that had space at a reasonable price. I showed up a little early and they hadn’t opened yet, but the owner was very nice and let me in anyway. He even placed my bike out of the way in the storage room by himself to help out! The attached restaurant made some of the best food that I had for the entire trip, too.

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