Day 15: Aymestrey to Bristol (77 miles)

Over breakfast I had a great discussion with the owner of the hotel about what it is like being a programmer in London and how the world has been changing. Then I set out into a light drizzle that I hadn’t seen since Scotland. By midday the rain had disappeared, but the clouds remained.

Tintern Abbey
Tintern Abbey

When I reached Monmouth I stopped at a Lidl to restock my supplies and take a bit of a break. I locked up my bike next to another bike that also had panniers loaded for what looked like a little touring, so I was looking forward to a meeting with yet another tourer. Sure enough, after I got out of the store the other cyclist was standing at his bike. Turns out that he was training for an End to End (JOGLE, same as me) ride with a friend that they were planning on starting in just a few weeks. I tried to help him out with some tips from my experience, but I don’t think he really needed much help. It looked like he had everything well in hand.

When I reached Bristol it turned out that the Harbor Festival was going on. This would have been a great thing if I had a place to stay, but with the festival on it made it hard to find a place. I eventually found a nearby Premier Inn which was full, but the receptionist pointed me to the nearby Haymarket Premier Inn and even made a booking for me!

That night I ate a burrito at the My Burrito nearby. It tasted ok, but it did not agree with me. That night I didn’t sleep well. The next morning I ended up skipping breakfast.

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