Day 16: Bristol to Taunton (54 miles)

The day didn’t start well. I had been awake since the early morning and skipped breakfast because of what the burrito the night before had done to my stomach. My legs felt like lead and every small hill seemed like a giant mountain.

After a few miles I decided that I might be able to handle a little food so I stopped at a little shop and picked up some Haribo and a Lucozade Sport. Simple sugars should be easy enough on the stomach. Outside I sat down and started to eat. The food made me feel a bit better.

As I was sitting there a family rode up and parked. The husband flipped over one of the bikes and started to work on it. I asked him if he needed any help and he said that he was just trying to clean the gears and chain a bit in the hopes of it making it shift a bit better. He didn’t seem to have the right equipment for cleaning so I pulled out my repair kit and handed him the rag.

We got to talking a bit and it turned out that he thought I was there for the little 2 mile ride around the town that was happening that day. When I told him what I was actually doing he said that made a lot more sense, as he had thought that I was showing off a bit with all of my gear and packed bike for a 2 mile ride!

That morning I had decided to make it a short day. So when I reached Taunton I started looking for a place to stay. After passing through the main part of the city I pulled out my phone and started searching the area for B&Bs or hotels. I found the Yalland Farm B&B nearby and pedaled on over.

This has to be one of the best B&Bs that I’ve stayed at. The owners had only been there for 5 weeks by that point and they were still learning how to run it, but everything was flawless. After putting my things away in my room and getting cleaned up I went outside to the patio and was served tea. Then sat down to a lovely conversation with the parents of the owners. After a while the husband came out and joined in. A little while later the wife came out. It was a nice relaxing ending for a short but tiring day.

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