Day 18: Lifton to Carnon Down (66 miles)

This day started a lot better. I felt rested. I felt energized. I felt like I could ride a lot further. Then I started climbing the hills again.

The day went a lot better with the motorists. Not as many close calls. Nobody stopping and reversing to yell at me. But I did notice that a lot more people were on the roads and the news in the morning was talking about people’s vacation plans.

That evening I discovered that, yes, all of England moves to Cornwall for the month of August. I tried several places in Truro, but they were all fully booked. I continued down the road and ended up being lured into Carnon Down because of a sign that promised accommodation. I didn’t find the accommodation, but by asking people where it was eventually got directed back up a road by a woman who said that there used to be a B&B up there, but she wasn’t sure if it was there anymore. I figured that I could at least check. Across the street from the possible B&B I asked some people who were on the street if the other house was still a B&B. They said that didn’t think it was, but that I can ask the woman because she was standing in the doorway at that point.

I said hello and asked if she was still running the B&B. She hasn’t for several years she said, and then she proceeded to help me find a place. She drew a map to find another place that was up the road a bit further and then she started calling the places she knew of! One place she called said that they were booked and another place the line was busy. I thanked her and headed to the place which she had drawn the map for. When I got there the owner was walking down the path and said that she had just gotten a call that a cyclist was on the way! And, yes, she did have a room.

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