CITCON 2012 in Portland

CITCON is a conference that I’ve been attending since 2006 in London. I showed up because it was “near” where I was living in Germany and sounded like it might be interesting. Boy was it ever interesting! The only European one that I missed was because I had a final exam on the same day as the Brussels conference (damn you, formal methods!).

Well, now that I don’t live in Europe I probably won’t be making it to those CITCONs very much anymore, but there are still the North America ones. And what do you know? The next North America CITCON is right in my back yard here in Portland.

Having just moved to the city I didn’t know much about much of anything. Knowing that Portland has a lot of beer and breweries doesn’t do much when you are trying to find a space that fits a 100 people in an open-spaces style conference, but after some searching (and drinking a few McMenamins beers) we found a place. Next was to get the word out.

AgilePDX people there gave me a lot of advice. The RubyPDX group also get behind it. Various meetups that I crashed put up with my pitches to get people to show up, as well. I used my now tenuous connections to some groups in Seattle to get the word out up there a little.

In doing this I meet a lot of great people and groups that I’m planning on keeping in touch with. One is AgilePDX here in Portland who is going to be hosting another conference that meshes very well with CITCON: Agile Testing Open NW. If you can’t make CITCON, or if you find CITCON great, then I think you’ll probably want to go to ATONW, too.

Another group that I got in contact with, for those of you up in Seattle, is the The Center of the Agile Universe (aka The Fremont Agile Meetup). They are also putting on a very interesting sounding conference, that once again, if you like CITCON or miss it, I think you should attend MAQCon.

I’m really looking forward to this CITCON and hope to meet yet more people in the area.

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