Understanding Environment Caching in Puppet

Recently, puppet got a new way of defining environments. Along with the new environments, came a new way of handling the caching of the environments inside the puppet master. I found out that what puppet is now doing, and was doing in the past, wasn’t well understood by users and so this post is to get rid of some of the mystery.

I’m going to cover what an environment is internal to puppet, what the caching of an environment is, and what it isn’t, and what it used to be. In other post I’ll cover how to evaluate your situation and tune the environment cache and your workflow.

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You’re done when

Every team that I’ve worked with has eventually come to ask the question: when is it done? And they don’t just mean “done”, they mean, when is it “done-done“? Every time, for whatever reason, this seemingly innocuous question becomes a sticking point of a lot of conversations. Sometimes everyone can agree on what it takes, but there ends up being concerns about the feasibility of the definition in practice. Other times there is some dissent about the points of done related to what is actually in the team’s control. All of these are perfectly valid concerns. Some of those concerns point to larger, organization problems that are being faced and some point to fear of tackling what at first looks like a daunting mountain of change to reach “done-done” of knowing when you are “done-done”.

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You’re Wrong and Can Never Be Convinced Otherwise

Are you a rational, logical person? When you are given the data about a situation, do you change your mind? I would be willing to bet that you like to think about yourself in that light. I know that I do.

However, I know that I still hold beliefs in spite of some data. If you give me some data about a situation, I’m not very likely to believe it. I might accept it, I might even agree with it, but I won’t likely change my thought process that you, as the presenter of that data, think I should be changing. Why is that?

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CITCON 2012 in Portland

CITCON is a conference that I’ve been attending since 2006 in London. I showed up because it was “near” where I was living in Germany and sounded like it might be interesting. Boy was it ever interesting! The only European one that I missed was because I had a final exam on the same day as the Brussels conference (damn you, formal methods!).

Well, now that I don’t live in Europe I probably won’t be making it to those CITCONs very much anymore, but there are still the North America ones. And what do you know? The next North America CITCON is right in my back yard here in Portland.

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Leaving of London

Looking back on the last five years of my life spent living abroad it is easy for me to dwell on the things that didn’t work out well. That is just the way I seem to be. I’d like to try to spend a little time dwelling a bit on the things that really worked out well, though, because once I start listing them out it will become apparent to me just how many there are. And in the end the events that were good really outweigh the problems that came up.

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An exercise in refactoring

The other day at work I was implementing a new feature and found myself in a nice little, self-contained bit of code. I was adding the ability to parse a pair of query parameters from an HTTP request into an optional Period (a class used to represent a period of time in the application). After TDDing my functionality into place I reached a fully functional version but cringed every time I looked at it. I normally try to refactor during the TDDing but I just couldn’t see what to do until I had a bit more meat to work with. Once it was all in place I had enough to start chopping away at it.

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