Toward a Modern Java

Modern Java? Isn’t that an oxymoron?

At XPDay this year Julian Kelsey and I presented a session entitled “Refactoring to Functional Style”. It seemed to be pretty well received and drew a lot more people to the room than, I think, either Julian or I ever expected. The theme of functional style in Java, and other common languages, continued throughout the conference. The ideas showed up in several other sessions as side topics and in one more session specifically about testing functional style programs that was led by Nat Pryce. There seemed to be a new way of working in Java that was starting to emerge.

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Discussions of git and an experiment

The company I work for (youDevise) hosted the Stackoverflow meetup the other week. I got to meet a few people, eat, some pizza, and play a game on a Kinect. The evening ended with a discussion about the branching and merging capabilities of git versus those of subversion. Rather than us simply talking about the differences and probably getting many of them wrong, one of the guys challenged me to try out the scenarios we had been discussing and write up a post about it. This is the result.

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