First bits of new kit

On Thursday I got my first bits of new kit: a new Nokia N8 phone and trekking handlebars.

Getting this particular phone was a big deal for me.  The last mobile phone that I had gotten was a little Samsung clamshell when I moved to Germany in 2006.  I’ve always been one to go for simplicity over the newest gadget and so this was a simple phone that worked well for making calls, which is the purpose of a phone after all.

The other part of this consideration is that it is a Nokia phone running Symbian^3.  I think everyone has heard the news about Nokia, and as much as they try to reassure everyone about the future of the platform, I don’t think anyone is believing it.

That said I went for the phone anyway because it has a two (count ’em: 2) advantages over the other phones that I could find:

  • A really amazing camera
  • USB OTG built-in

I probably could have compromised on the camera and gotten an Android or an iPhone. The USB support was the real seller for me.  I looked into the purported Dell Streak support and decided that I didn’t want to have to recompile the kernel and modules to get it maybe to work.

Why this absolute need for USB OTG? During my trip I’m going to be using a Garmin Edge for navigation.  I really wanted to be able to upload the track after each day to Garmin Connect (a really cool site, btw) and post them onto this blog.

The trekking handlebars were a much easier decision. I just wanted more comfortable handlebars and so read a few reviews.  Job done. This weekend I need to fit them on the bike and wrap them.

PS: While writing this up I noticed that the newly announced Galaxy S II has USB OTG support. Buyer’s remorse sets in, but not too bad, because it isn’t out yet.