To Cambridge and Back

The trip out was harder than I think anyone anticipated. The wind was against us and the sun was beating down. See the ride.

That leg of the journey took its toll. Julian K., Julian S., and Joe decided that they wouldn’t be able to make it back by bike. I can’t blame them. It had been a long, gruelling day. See the ride.

Cairan and I headed back by ourselves. The way back was eased by the wind being at our backs and the sky being mostly overcast.
On the whole my new kit worked out really well. The new wheels felt much sturdier than my old ones, and I didn’t break any spokes! The dynamo charged the battery, but only filled it enough to recharge the garmin. I’ll need to figure out some way to get more power to handle both the garmin and the phone.

This trip did tell me that the n8 was the best choice for what I have planned. The others had android phones which ran out of power before the end of the day. Also the ovi maps made the trip much simpler since we sometimes had to deal with spotty phone coverage. This presented no problem for me, but it caused issues for those using google maps.

Once I got back I’ve been able to upload the tracks from the garmin and write this post, all using just my phone. This hasn’t been the smoothest process because of issues with various programs, but I got it done in the end.