What makes software developers tick? How did we get into this line of work? Where is software development going? How many miles is it to the next bathroom? Together I hope to investigate some of these questions while cycling around the country.

This project requires the contributions of others or else it is just a strange, bearded man on a bike talking to himself (no one wants that). Drop me a line and I’ll drop by on my bike sometime. We’ll have a chat about the finer things in life like functional programming, good design, and effective communication.

One thought on “About”

  1. After starting off college as a music major, and ending the first year being told in clear language “You would do well to find something else to do”, it turned out to be a good thing. I started taking what passed for computer courses in the early seventies and never looked back.

    I would entirely amazed if you made it to Michigan, but delighted as well. Drop me a line. Like you, I do Code Retreats.

    — Bob

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