I’m currently riding on a cobbled together touring bike.  It started as a stock Fuji Sagres Forza that was bought at Recycled Cycles in 2005. For several years I rode that bike stock for touring. It worked well and was comfortable enough for rides of several hundres miles, but had problems with breaking spokes. I’ve recently replaced components and currently have:

  • Fuji Sagres Forza frame (19″)
  • Tortec Expedition rear rack
  • Mavic A719 rear wheel with Shimano Deore hub (36h)
  • Mavic A319 front wheel with Shimano 3N80 dynamo hub (36h)
  • 24 Speed Shimano Acera drivetrain
  • Modolo Yuma Traveller handlebars
  • Combined clipless and regular pedals (so that I don’t always have to have my cycling shoes)
  • Brooks B17 saddle
  • Dynamo powered front and rear lights

I usually carry everything in only rear panniers (Ortlieb Classics), which puts a lot of strain on the rear wheel. I’ve considered getting a front rack as well, but just haven’t gotten to it yet.  I used to use maps in my handlebar bag for navigation but recently have switched to using a Garmin Edge 705.

In addition to the bike, I’ve got a Nokia N8 phone that I’ll be using to upload the daily tracks from the Garmin to this blog, take pictures, and record meetups with people. I’m still looking for a bluetooth keyboard to get to make typing up posts easier while on the go (it looks like the Apple keyboard is the most likely candidate). I’ve put together a power converter to let me charge the Garmin and Nokia from the dynamo on the bike.

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